Purple Yellow Colors Cover Page


If you are looking for a creative cover, you have undoubtedly entered the best option with “Purple Yellow Colors” because its purple and yellow colors leave nothing to be desired; It is of excellent quality and for almost any occasion.

The highlight of the cover would be the circle in purple which contains the title that will be noted at all costs. Around you can see the yellow on the top in the form of stripes from one corner to another.

The respective title has the option to place a subtitle and it comes in white; Undoubtedly, it can be combined with other colors and the font that it brings by default is good; although it can be changed without problems; the most advisable thing would be to use the white color in the letter.

Format.doc, .docx, .dotx, .dot
CompatibleMicrosoft Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice Writer
DimensionsA4 – 210mm x 297mm
Brochure vector created by Freepik

Install the cover Purple Yellow Colors

In the lower right we see a description in purple and from which we can also place the members of the group in case of being individual too.

Such cover can be used for works on artisanal subjects of artistic education, drawing and others; because its picturesque touch gives excellent presence for such subjects. Also for jobs at school or high school.

In short, we hope such cover has been to your liking; tell us what you think.