Lines and Forms Cover Page


An excellent formal cover; in the first instance it leaves nothing to be desired; you can use it for companies, companies, jobs, university documents, among many others; It is ideal if you will deliver a neat and quality work.

As the name has indicated it is several with its different lines in red, purple, gray, green, blue; without highlighting them much; so do not hesitate to have this excellent option in your hands. The figures can be seen attached to the right margin.

The title is located in the upper part in colors, black, gray and red. But, without problems you can change the colors to your liking as it combines with almost all.

Format .doc, .docx, .dotx, .dot
Compatible Microsoft Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice Writer
Dimensions A4 – 210mm x 297mm
Customizable Yes
Brochure vector created by Freepik

Install Covers Shapes and lines of colors

If it has caught your attention and you are interested in downloading it just go to the link that we leave in the description. To have it available it is simple, then, having the file downloaded you only have to open the folder and select a Word file and that’s it; You’ll have your cover in seconds.

The source along with template would already be a personal matter; although, the ones it brings by default are not bad at all. Below we will have the large date available with a description.