Creative Grease Formal Cover Page


If you are looking for a cover with a lot of design and that seems totally professional with “Creative Grease” you could get it in the moment. Well, in principle it gives a friendly presence where it has a clear and precise text for almost any presentation.

In principle it does not have specific figures; it has an advantage that in its left part it allows to place a logo in case of being for some company or corporate document enclosed in a circle.

Regarding its colors the dark blue with yellow are the ones that stand out in the first instance; Then you can notice two gray stripes that emerge from the logo. Finally the white of the sheet that gives as a background on the cover.

Format .doc, .docx, .dotx, .dot
Compatible Microsoft Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice Writer
Dimensions A4 – 210mm x 297mm
Customizable Yes
Brochure vector created by Freepik

Download Creative Grease Cover Page

In its upper right part we will have a professional text in which it is recommended to use light blue or black letters that give an excellent touch.

In the lower part we can place our identification or if it is delivered by several people there are no problems to list them because there is enough space with a bluish color.

First of all you will have to download the Cover Grative Grase with the link that we leave you at the end. Then you can go to Google Docs and click where it says “Hoja en Blanco”.

Go to your template repository in Google Docs so that the cover is ready. Also, you can download it and open the cover from the browser so that it opens in Google Docs.

❗ Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Se puede cambiar el tamaño de la portada? Puedes ajustar la portada al tamaño del documento de word.
¿Cómo cambio el color de fondo de la página? Asegúrate de que no haya una imagen que cubra todo el fondo, en este caso elimínala y modifica el color de la página de la siguiente forma:
  • En Word: Diseño > Color de página.
  • En LibreOffice: Formato > Estilo de página.
  • En Google Docs: Archivo > Configuración de página.
¿Puedo editar la portada con la versión online y gratuita de Word? Sí, el problema es que Word Online tiene muchas menos funcionalidades que los otros procesadores de texto y a veces se pierde el diseño original de la portada. Si no tienes la versión de pago de Word, te recomiendo que uses LibreOffice o Google Docs.