Color Bubbles Cover Page


We are facing the dimensions of many circles with different colors; at the top we will have the title in blue and subtitle in black; excellent for parties or festive works, salary increases, holiday commitments and others.

His style is unique and at first sight he is happy with its different colors; undoubtedly an excellent option for any user.

The most notorious would be the circles and semi circles on the left margin; from pink, blue, green would be the most remarkable. The title can also be in any color you decide when editing the cover as well as the date in the bottom part; finally a brief description of the topic to be discussed.

Format .doc, .docx, .dotx, .dot
Compatible Microsoft Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice Writer
Dimensions A4 – 210mm x 297mm
Customizable Yes
Brochure vector created by Freepik

Install the Cover Colors Bubbles

To have it available in .docs you only have to enter Google Documents from our Outlook or Gmail account and go to “Blank Sheet” then “File” New and add covers and select the desired one. Another method could be to open the document that brings the folder that you will download at the end to finally open the document that it brings.

Anyway; Tell us what you think about this cover and in what cases you would use it; Without doubts, an innovative idea. If you do not agree, you could search our blog now with more than 55 covers available for any occasion.

❗ Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Se puede cambiar el tamaño de la portada? Puedes ajustar la portada al tamaño del documento de word.
¿Cómo cambio el color de fondo de la página? Asegúrate de que no haya una imagen que cubra todo el fondo, en este caso elimínala y modifica el color de la página de la siguiente forma:
  • En Word: Diseño > Color de página.
  • En LibreOffice: Formato > Estilo de página.
  • En Google Docs: Archivo > Configuración de página.
¿Puedo editar la portada con la versión online y gratuita de Word? Sí, el problema es que Word Online tiene muchas menos funcionalidades que los otros procesadores de texto y a veces se pierde el diseño original de la portada. Si no tienes la versión de pago de Word, te recomiendo que uses LibreOffice o Google Docs.