Creative Cake Cover Page

Creative Cake Cover Page

You are looking for a striking and fun cover; with Creative Cake is an excellent option to share with your friends or family; It gives a unique and special touch with its striking colors. Today you will know it thoroughly.

His pastel style goes very well with the tonalities; first mark with a light pink that stands out at the top; then an intense yellow that will dull the pastel pink to finally hit the target.

Another option is to download the file and open the document that you leave and so you will automatically be in front of that cover; what you should do is delete the default text on the cover and start editing it to your liking.

Format .doc, .docx, .dotx, .dot
Compatible Microsoft Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice Writer
Dimensions A4 - 210mm x 297mm
Customizable Yes

How to install Cover Creative Cake

Step 1: Click on the "Microsoft Word" or "File" tab, depending on the version you have. Click on "New"

Step 2: Under Template click on "New" starting from its existence.

Step 3: Click with the template you wish to assimilate or the one you wish to create; then click on "Create new".

You can download it by the link that we will leave you at the end of the article. So you already know an excellent option to share with your documents. Finally, if the article has been to your liking you can try it and comment what you think; You can follow our blog, currently with more than 50 different covers for any time.

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